About Green Ribbon Panel

We're on a mission...

To advance practical and executable solutions, including the role that nuclear and Canada’s other clean energy technologies can play in the fight against climate change while growing our economy.

Improving our environment and growing our economy go hand in hand

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Embracing the urgent need to address climate change is the foundation for action
  2. Ontario is well-positioned to build the clean electricity system that can be a cornerstone of Canada’s future low-carbon economy.
  3. Low-cost, low-carbon emission energy represents a competitive economic advantage for Ontario and Canada.
  4. Enabling policy frameworks must be diverse and require participation from all levels of government and Public-Private partnerships.

How are we helping develop solutions?

We’re focusing on the role nuclear along with other technologies that anchor Canada’s energy sector can play in tackling climate change and growing the economy at home and abroad.

The Panel, which will issue a report on its findings later this year, will take lessons learned from around the world in fighting climate change, explore made in Ontario solutions including the phase-out of coal in Ontario, and integrate new data on the impacts of electrification on climate change.

The panel will conduct outreach and research activities to contribute to the Report and develop public policy recommendations that provide real solutions to today’s tough questions.


James Scongack, Bruce Power – Chair
Christopher Hilkene, Pollution Probe
Steve McCauley, Pollution Probe
Rocco Rossi, Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Claudia Dessanti, Ontario Chamber of Commerce 

Jeffrey Beach, Asthma Canada
Dennis Darby, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
Mark Fisher, Council of the Great Lakes Region
Cara Clairman, Plug’n Drive
Bruce Wallace, Nuclear Innovation Institute

Robert Stasko, Hydrogen Business Council
Jeff Parnell, Power Workers Union
John Sprackett, Power Workers Union
Michelle Johnston, The Society
Kenneth Craig, Bruce County