TC Energy’s Proposed Pumped Storage Project

Project Summary:

TC Energy is proposing to develop an energy storage facility that would provide 1,000 megawatts of flexible, clean energy to Ontario’s electricity system using a process known as pumped storage.

Pumped hydro storage involves pumping water from a low-lying reservoir during periods of low demand for electricity, typically at night, to a higher-elevation reservoir. When electricity demand is greater, operators release water back to the lower reservoir through turbines that generate electricity.

If developed, the proposed facility would be co-located on the existing Canadian Army’s 4th Canadian Division Training Centre, north of Meaford, Ontario. It will be designed to store emission-free energy and would provide that energy to Ontarians when they need it most.

Project Need

The proposed project would make better use of Ontario’s clean electricity system. Ontario currently has all the energy we need. We are just generating it at the wrong time of the day. By storing electricity, it would allow us to use our existing wind, hydro and nuclear assets better, reducing the need to burn natural gas to meet peak demand.

With the closure of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in 2024, Ontario will have a gap between electricity need and what is being generated. The proposed project could fill a portion of this future need.

Project Benefits

The proposed project offers climate, ratepayer and economic benefits:

  • It would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 490,000 tonnes/year; the equivalent of removing 150,000 cars off Ontario roads.
    • It would also save ratepayers $250M a year.
    • It would employ 1,000 people and inject more than $750 million directly into the Grey-Bruce-Simcoe region. once operational.

The 1,000 MW proposed pumped storage project responds to the future power grid needs of Ontario, reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power generation, and provides economic benefit to local communities, Ontario and Canada. The Pumped Storage Project would be Ontario’s biggest battery and bring clean, carbon-free electricity to approximately one million homes.

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